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Helping Community Is The Most Effective Marketing Tool

  • FREE, All-Access 6-month subscription for first 50 businesses and parent organizations. 
  • List your camps, classes, counselor/volunteer opportunities, summer jobs for FREE. 


Create Communities. Build Relationships

Build a Fan-Following

Build a community of your existing customers, help them co-ordinate and collaborate better, and turn them into your advocates

Manage Existing Customers

Build a fan-following and acquire new customers by sharing information/resources and helping the community

Parent Organizations

Tutoring Centers

Class/Camp Providers

School/College Counselors

Businesses or organizations catering to K-12 traditional school and home school parents/students

Boy/Girl Scouts Groups



Sports Leagues

Who can use Oroola for Business platform

Home School Parent Orgs.

K-12 Businesses

School PTA Orgs.

Invite your existing parents members to join your community. Plus we help you grow by publicizing your community using our own marketing channels 

Create communities, help out members, and reach out to other school communities

Promote and Reach Out to Other School Communities 

Build PUBLIC Groups for Knowledge-Sharing 

Grow You Community by Spreading Goodwill

Create knowledge-sharing community on any topic of your expertise for parents/students. Share information and resources, and answer member questions 

Reach out to a wider audience by listing your services for FREE in other school communities and groups. 

How it works - Knowledge-sharing Communities

Create communities, help out members, and reach out to other school communities

Create PRIVATE Groups for Easy Collaboration

How it works - Collaboration Platform

Help your parent community know and connect with each other, they will thank you for it.  Parents can co-ordinate carpool groups, exchange information and reach out to each other for help and resources, all this in a safe and secure environment

Provide Value-Add to Your Parent Community

Create one or multiple groups to streamline your communication with your parent community.

Mange your communication effectively without back and forth emails. 

* Attach images and documents for easy accessibility

* Control message reach by using private or group messaging

* Bookmark messages for easy reference

* Categorize information for better organization

Use Oroola's Tools for Effecient Communication

How it benefits your business

Create UNLIMITED public knowledge-sharing communities for FREE. Business profiles are publicly accessible and optimized for Google SEO. Ask us about private collaboration communities


Oroola's platform helps you promote your business by making it super easy for you to reach out beyond your current area and into other school and parent communities



Two tools in one - acquire new customers, and manage communication with existing customers

Unlike other social networks which cater to various demographies, Oroola is made up of ONLY parents, which means LESS noise and MORE business

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FREE, All-Access 6-month subscription for first 50 businesses and parent organizations