New Updates in Oroola: Member Directory For K-12 Schools

You are frantically organizing a last-minute birthday party for your 2nd-grader and you are frustrated that you can’t figure out how to get in touch with the parents to send out a quick invitation. Yeah, we all know that feeling! No more, because now you can know ALL of your child’s friends and their parents by their last names! With Oroola’s new online Member Directory feature, not only can you find all the members in your child’s classroom, grade, or school, but you can also instantly connect with them. 

So, let us look at some of the cool things you can do with the Member Directory on Oroola.


Member Directory on Oroola
Member Directory on Oroola

Log into Oroola, and click on the members count on your school wall to view the Member Directory. Once there, you will be able to browse, search, filter, group, and sort, to quickly find members in your child’s classroom, grade or school. There are several pre-defined filters to view different members including parents, teachers, staff or even your PTO/PTA officers. 

You can group and filter by grade, classroom or teacher, and  further filter alphabetically, by starting letter of the last name to find other parents or other members.

Finally, the search results can be sorted in a variety of ways – by First/Last name ( A-Z or Z-A),  by Grades (Low to High and High to Low),  or by the Date of joining


Auto-suggest list for the spelling-impaired
Auto-suggest list for the spelling-impaired

Bad at spelling names? No worries,  just type a couple of letters of member’s name in the search box, and viola, you have a list with matching names and the type of user (Parent, Teacher, Student, etc.). Simply select from the list. 

Want to chat with your classroom’s  room parent or teacher? You can do so directly from the member directory. Find the parent or the teacher, and click on the chat icon to start a private conversation. 


See you baby grow!
See your baby grow!

If you are an admin on Oroola, we warn you that you may experience an overwhelming feeling of a proud mama as you see the cool graph of your growing community month-over-month. This graph is visible only to the admins. 


Configure who can download the list
Configure who can download the list

 Given the online convenience, who would want to carry the list on paper? Well, if you do, we won’t judge you. Admins can not only download the entire directory in CSV (Excel) format for printing or performing other tasks but they can also configure whether they would like other members to download the directory or not. Downloaded data contains information only for those members who have opted in while registering on Oroola. Turning this setting OFF will allow the members to view the list online as well as to contact members directly from within Oroola, but NOT to download the directory.

To learn more about the this feature, read the Member Directory and Administration section of the FAQ.

That’s it! go ahead and plan out your last minute birthday parties and play dates without breaking a sweat! Or, share your teen’s tantrums with other middle/high school parents…. same thing.

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