How To Power Up Group Signups At Your School


Recruit volunteers  with Group Signups
Recruit volunteers
Schedule parent-teacher conference  with Group Signups
Schedule parent-teacher conferences
Conduct polls or elections with Group Signup
Conduct polls or elections
Organize donation drives with Group Signups
Organize donation drives


Running a PTO/PTA is a community effort. Almost everything that you do – from fundraising to organizing donation drives and to managing events –  is a group activity and requires the help of families, teachers, and other community members for it to be successful. Unfortunately, organizing group activities and getting signups is also very tedious and time-consuming – you have to take care of creating and printing the signup forms, distributing them, collecting them, entering data in spreadsheets and so much more. Even if you are using online forms, it is a lot of work getting all the data and matching it up with parent/student information.  Many would prefer getting their teeth pulled rather than dealing with all of this! 

With Oroola’s Group Signup feature, you don’t even have to go to the dentist, forget about pulling your teeth!

All you have to do is create a themed signup and invite the members. Everything after that – sending reminders, generating reports, sending out notifications, etc.,  is all taken care by Oroola. Once you create a couple of signups, you can clone them, change the dates or other information, and voila, you have a new signup, just like that! 

You can create a signup for an activity for:

a) entire school

b) for grade(s)

c) for classroom(s)

d) for group(s) or

e) to be shared publicly (via Facebook or email) with your non-school community

Oroola’s Group Signup feature is highly versatile and you can use it in unimaginable ways.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this feature. 

  • Recruit volunteers 
  • Schedule Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Run polls 
  • Conduct elections/gather votes
  • Request for donation of (non-monetary) items
  • Hold classroom potluck 
  • Recruit your Exec Board
  • And many other things

Steps to create a beautiful and organized signup:

1. Click on Signups menu item and then on Create Signup button

2. Add basic info: Add some basic information about the signup. You can pick a theme and a picture from the library or provide your own. 

3. Create Date-time slots: Add dates when you want donations or volunteers or tasks to be done. you can create zero, one or multiple date-time slots. 

Tip: To create signups for activities such as to recruit your exec board and to conduct elections, where there is no particular schedule,  skip the Dates tab and just add the Options, then select Options First, Date Next layout

4. Create Options: Add options which could be tasks for volunteers e.g clean up, or the name of items to be donated. You must create at least one option. If you find yourself struggling with thinking of an option, just add a random option. E.g in case of scheduling parent-teacher conferences,  add “parent-teacher conference with teacher” as an option. Quantity is the number of items or people you need, or it could also be the number of selections a member can make. So in case of elections, if you have 500 members, and you want each member to vote once for a position/item, you will set the quantity as 500 and select No for Multi-signup. In case of Parent-teacher conference, since you have one date-time slot for each parent, set the quantity as 1 and multi-signup to 1. In case of potluck, set the quantity to some number and you could set multi-signup to yes if you want members to be able to bring multiple quantities of the same item. 

Tip: To create signups for activities such as parent-teacher conferences, where you have several  date-time slots, Select Dates First, Options Next as the layout

5. Add Settings: For the setting, Can users sign up for multiple options? Set it to yes if members can select multiple options – e.g, bring multiple food items for a potluck or volunteer for multiple tasks (in different time slots), else set it to No, e.g you don’t want one user to choose more than one gift item in a raffle

6. Preview: Once you have created all options, you get to preview the signup as your invitees will get to see it. Review it and if you wish to edit, you can directly click on the corresponding tab to edit the information. 

7. Invite and Publish: Satisfied with your signup? Then select the invitees. You have several options:

  1.  Select members of a school or an open group (open groups are groups     where parents can belong to different schools – eg. boys scouts),
  2. Select members from classrooms or closed groups, or you could even select members by names – just start typing and an auto-suggest list will appear. If you wish to share the signup with non-school 
  3. Select members by names – just start typing and an auto-suggest list will appear.
  4. Share it publicly – If you wish to share the signup with non-school or non-Oroola members, copy the link provided and paste on your Facebook page or in an email. Those members will be taken to a page where they will be required to provide their contact information before being able to sign up, so you will know exactly who has signed up. 

Post-publishing: Once you have published the signup, you can view it in Signups->Created by Me tab and you can either edit it or view analytics. You can also clone a signup or download a report. 

Members who signup are automatically reminded via email about their signup 1 day in advance. Members also receive email and in-app notifications when a sign up is edited/updated. Creator of the signup receives automatic email notifications when members sign up and also a summary, along with analytics, 1 day before the expiration of the signup. 

Watch Group Signups in action
Watch Group Signups in action

You can find more information about Group Signups in the Group Signups section of the FAQ 


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