Say Good-bye to Paper Forms, Paper Checks and Excel Spreadsheets

Engage your families with a convenient, one-stop family engagement platform built specifically for K-12 PTO/PTA leaders and school administrators.

Everything you need to manage a thriving and engaged
parent community in one place

Streamline your communication

Communicate effectively by sending messages only to relevant groups. Private chat with an individual, with parents from a specific grade, from a classroom or with your entire school community. Create a private group for you executive board planning and discussions, or encourage parents to create groups for carpools or other interests.

Update parents about your latest events

Never again will you hear parents say ”I didn’t know about this event”, because the events that you create appear as constant reminders on your school and classroom walls, plus members receive automated email and in-app notifications about the upcoming events.

Create signups for anything

Create theme-based signups for recruiting volunteers, collecting donations, creating polls or even getting candidates for next year’s executive board. Parents sign up with two clicks and get automated reminders about their signups.

Sell anything online

Create a custom school store to sell anything online. No more paper-based orders or paper checks. Collect payments online easily and get detailed reports on all orders and purchases by students, grades and classrooms.

Know and contact any school member safely

Configure your school directory to safely share it with all your school members, either download it to Excel for easy printing or to your phone, without exposing anyone’s contact information. Easy option for parents to opt-in or opt-out of the directory listing.

Build a large community, quickly, easily

Oroola is built to truly support your entire school community, not just the families. Teachers, staff, administrators and even students (13+ years) can be active members of the school community on Oroola. Each Oroola member has a clearly defined role in the community, which makes communication and interaction highly effective.

Highly Customizable

Oroola gives PTO admins the power to customize and configure their school community to not only turn certain features ON or OFF but also to control the flow of information for privacy and security of all members.

Network Effects

Building a community of all school members on your own is definitely a challenge. Quickly build a large community by enlisting help of core group members to invite their friends, who in turn can invite their friends to the school community, thereby multiplying your efforts to get maximum number of parents enrolled in your community. Multiple options to invite via your Facebook page/group, via emails, uploading of excel file with email addresses or by sharing a unique link in your email.

All-device Friendly

Oroola's native mobile app for iOS makes it easy for parents to keep on top of all information and events via instant notifications and reminders.

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