It's YOUR Education, OWN It. Be An INFORMED Student

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Modern Education Platform for the Future Generation 

Time to ditch your old-school groups and reserve your social networks for selfies. Oroola  is a school-based, modern collaboration platform dedicated to your education. Find information, resources and expert advice from your local community. 

LESS Distraction = MORE Work Done

LIKES and FOLLOWS are important, but so are GRADES. 

  => Collaborate without the distraction.  

  => Create groups for homework, clubs, sports, fundraisers and everything else.

  => Reach out to the parent community for help and support. 

  => Search for and reach out to other students in your school

TAKE a little. GIVE back a little

  => Learn from your peers

  => Help younger students from your school community, by sharing your      

        experiences and knowledge 

  => Ask questions and get answers from your Student Community Leaders

Tools and Resources

Find resources to help you succeed

Knowledge-sharing Groups

Find expert help on  various topics, from Science Olympiad to Scholarships and College Planning

School & Teacher Reviews

See what your peers have to say about your school and teachers. 

Camps, Internships, Tutors, & more

Advertise your own tutoring service, or find local tutors, camps and internships